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-14.5mm large LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm dynamic-driver.

-Powerful N52 magnet.

-Natural & lively sound profile.

-Unique design.

-CNC Aluminum alloy cavity.

-Sapphire-Coated optical glass face covers.

-High-purity OCC Copper+ Single-Crystal Silver cable.

-Lightweight and comfortable.

-MMCX Connectors.

Technical Specifications:-

-Impedance: 30Ω.

-Sensitivity: 109dB/1kHz.

-Frequency response range: 10Hz-20kHz.

-THD+N: <0.2%@1kHz.

-Weight: 6.0grams(each earpiece).

Grand Performance With A Grand Dynamic Driver:-

7Hz has featured a grand 14.5mm dynamic driver on the Eternal which is capable of delivering a remarkable sound performance with utmost clarity and a wide dynamic range. This driver features an LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm, a powerful N52 magnet, and a unique cavity structure. The brand has used its expertise in tuning the dynamic driver to produce a natural and lively sound performance while maintaining lower levels of distortion.

Unique & Exclusive Designer Looks:-

7Hz has always featured unique and different designer looks with its IEMs. With their latest Eternal, they take a step further with elegantly crafted, CNC machined Aluminum alloy cavities that have sapphire optical glass faceplates. The pair looks unique and premium, the glass material used for its faceplates is similar to the ones used in high-end watches. The sapphire coating is tempered to withstand accidental falling.

High-Purity Copper & Silver Cable:-

7Hz has specially designed a high-purity OCC single-crystal copper and single-crystal silver material cable for the latest Eternal. The outer layer of the cable is coaxially shielded. It helps the pair to retain its natural sound reproduction and provides low resistance to the signal. The cable has standard MMCX connectors for easy connectivity.

Ergonomic & Lightweight:-

Despite having a metallic CNC Aluminum shell and sapphire glass face covers the earpieces are lightweight. Each earpiece weighs just only 6 grams. They are ergonomic and provide a very comfortable listening experience for the users.

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