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Kinera Idun Golden – Goddess of Musical Elegance

Pros: –
– Natural and organic tonal and timbral balance
– Smooth dynamics with polished presentation
– Scales amazingly well with power
– Very beautiful and elegant build
– Premium packaging
– Premium Kinera ACE Cable included
– Very comfortable for long extended usage

Cons: –
– Not as analytical or technical as competitors
– Need power to shine the best
– Not for Trebleheads
– Not for BassheadsAlso known as Idun 2.0


This unit was sent to me by HiFiGo for review purposes

At the time of this article, I have spent over 300 hours on my Idun Golden with regular daily usage

I don’t do measurements, my impressions are purely subjective from a user perspective 

Check Out Kinera Idun Golden here: Idun Golden – DRASKY MALAYSIA 

More review link:

Kinera Idun Golden – Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion – 

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