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Kinera Imperial URD Design Inspiration

Lake Location: Dachaidan Lake ( 大柴旦翡翠湖 ) 37°51’08.3″N 95°16’04.1″E


– Lake waterThe mystery of the lake could not be reflected with any kind of color without layers or depth. In this process, I tried all kinds of color mixing, all kinds of trim pieces failed to reproduce the URD spring in my heart.Until I went to Qinghai ( 青海 ), I looked at the calm, ripple-free lake, so soft and beautiful but let people have a shocking force that can not be underestimated, because deep, deep bottomless. Seeing her color, you would think she is gentle and lovely, fresh and lovely. But when you get close and try to detect her depth with your eyes, you will immediately be scared to hold your breath and stare back three feet, because it is too deep, too green, and beautiful and deadly. I was afraid, afraid that I would be attracted by her beauty and then fall into the heart of the lake and become a dead leaf of history.This time I knew that I had found it, the URD spring is like this, she is mysterious and unpredictable she has a fatal attraction she makes people dazzled and dare not look directly at.


Obviously the problem is “depth”. Deep, three-dimensional, gradual …… This is the true fountain of history.- CraftsmanshipIn order to reflect this 3D effect, I turned my mind to the reconstruction of the cavity? Can the cavity be reinvented? I asked myself.But it was too difficult. I needed to design a structure file with layers and layers, and to have a reasonable space to place the unit, but not too abrupt to affect the comfort of wearing.- ColouringThe initial lake is pure green, also quite beautiful, but always feel that it is not enough 3D, not deep enough. Then stared at the picture of the emerald lake for a long time, and found that different depths, the lake stacked out of the color is simply different. So with four or five different colors, layer by layer on the steps, finally, to make a gradient effect- Gold leafThe colour of the side of the cavity, no matter how to paint it, is a glance through the light sense, so the motivation to make it more mysterious and layered rose, trying to fill in a variety of decorations, when filled with gold leaf, it is in the blue-green lake hidden refraction of light, as if the treasure in history, the kind of exquisite as if holding a lute is the greatest romance of history.

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