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Kinera Imperial URD Review


1.  Ultimate design, even better than any Kinera IEM before.

2. Tuning is really good this time, powerful deep bass, lovely midrange, and inoffensive treble.

3. Good sparkle in the treble region.

4.  Instruments have a rich tonal heft.

5. Vocals sound fuller with good body. They are forward too.

6. Excellent staging.

7. Layering and dynamics of URD are very good.

8. Immersive and engaging sound profile.

9. Stock cable is of very good quality (Swappable termination plugs too).


1. Treble could use more air, not congested but a little bit more spaciousness would make this perfect.(EQ helps in this).

Final Words:

URD is a step in the right direction from Kinera I would say. It provides an impressive sound performance while looking great too. It has some flaws of its own, mainly the Treble could use extra air if we compare it with IEMs of this league(primarily Monarch MK1). Though I noticed the URD sound airier when amped. Other issues like BA Timbre, Intimate image are just me being nitpicky about the pair, Kinera has actually done a great job in both designing and tuning the URD. Well, that’s all I have to say about the Kinera URD, I would again like to thank HiFiGo for organizing this tour for the URD. Hope you guys like this write-up of mine.

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