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Build, Design and Fit

Well, surprise; the new Kinera Urd looks phenomenal. This has already become a brand that we don’t expect less of. The shape is identical to the other models in the Imperial range, but the faceplate design is clearly something else. The tint of blue and green looks perfect together on a white base colour. These guys know how to make an eye-catching IEM.

Kinera claims that this is a first of its kind 3D faceplate, and the colour design is made by specialists. The result is simply great and especially the face-plate area is outstanding. The build quality is satisfying and quite impressive with a seamless transition and an integrated nozzle structure. There’s nothing to worry about here.

The IEM has a three-bore design the tips hold nicely on the nozzles. These tips are excellent for a rigid and secure fit. The Urd has a very nice shape for most ears. It is not too large and that helps to get a very comfortable fit. The package provides a lot of tips to choose from and I’m sure you will find the best pair for your ears. I really like the Final Audio tips myself. Though bear in mind, it’s not a low-profile IEM that much so don’t try to sleep with it.


The Kinera Urd provides a smooth and enjoyable tribrid experience. It has the qualities of the Nanna in lots of ways, but it’s not that assertive and defined. It instead stays a bit on the safe side in terms of tuning. It’s smoother and less aggressive in bass and treble.

It sounds well-balanced, natural and musical, with moderate bass quantity for a tribrid, and sufficient quantity in the treble region with a smooth approach. The overall presentation is flowing, quick, and resolving with good detail. It’s mostly a very smooth sounding IEM.


The bass has good impact and body but it feels like coming from a BA driver strangely. It’s very quick but lacks a bit of sub-bass in the process.  It is more defined around mid-bass but you have a nicely controlled presentation. The bass overall is not muddy or boomy at all, but it also lacks the character and authority of the Nanna. This custom dynamic driver does not actually behave like other dynamics that we’re accustomed to. It’s very quick for a dynamic driver without any over the top rumble or presence.

This is an IEM that feels like it doesn’t want to upset anyone, hence you get a very safe bass response as a result. This driver has very good control but it doesn’t provide a fantastic texture. It still has a good punch with certain tracks yet it leaves you wanting a bit more presence and definition. Overall I found the bass tuning to be too smooth and safe.


The mid-range has a good definition, good resolution and nice detail. The timbre is on point with a very realistic approach and the tonal body is excellent. The weight in the mid-range is very good as well with good fullness and blood. So I think tonality-wise this is a very successful IEM for the price, but not in terms of the overall transparency level.

For sheer transparency and detail, there are more detailed and resolving IEMs out there. The Urd’s safe, smooth and easygoing tuning prevents it to be a very detailed or resolving monitor. The resolution is certainly not that bad here, but not that impressive like the Nanna.

Mids are quite natural sounding but there’s more energy and attack needed for better engagement. The instruments and vocals sound realistic and full, with a creamy and smooth nature. The transparency and dynamism are not the best though. The beautiful and organic timbre is welcoming but only had it been coupled with great attack and energy, That would’ve made a fantastic IEM.


After the impressive Nanna, I expected a similar-sounding treble from these EST drivers but that isn’t the case. The treble is smooth but it lacks energy and definition a bit. Treble is not too impressive in that regard. This is the biggest difference with the Nanna. Though if you like your treble very smooth and inoffensive, this might suit you better.

The treble resolution is good but there needs to be more extension and definition to make this a Nanna alternative. But these two aspects are not hugely impressive. The delivery is not crispy enough. Strangely, however, despite this approach, the treble has excellent micro details and resolution.

In fact, as a standalone IEM, the qualities of the Urd in the treble are not bad at all. But I compare it to the Nanna out of necessity and the result becomes a bit less impressive automatically. If you’re a treble-head you might find yourself a bit bored after a long listening session because it’s not bright or sparkling at all.

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purchases link: Kinera Urd – DRASKY AUDIO MALAYSIA

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