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Xduoo is about to release their new generation of portable dac/amp – Link2 Bal.

Link2 Bal uses dual CS43131 decoding chips, independent amp circuits, built-in low-pass filtering and other designs to ensure its excellent sound quality and overall performance.

Compared with the previous generation Link 2, the most direct change of Link2 Bal is the addition of a balanced port. Besides, when it comes to the output power Xduoo is most proud of, Link2 Bal has reached a single-ended 125mW@32Ω and balanced With an amazing level of 270mW@32Ω, it is not inferior at all to many players with several times the volume.

The more surprising part of Link2 Bal lies in its compatibility with usage scenarios. The Turbo mode adjusts to adapt to different impedance headsets. The USB mode switch is compatible with Switch and other devices, allowing players to also HiFi in the game

.In addition, the optimization of Link2 Bal for multimedia allows players to have a very good sound experience when using TIDAL music, VIPER HiFi, APPLE MUSIC, Tiktok, and other apps.

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