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xDuoo XD05 BAL Review – Deskop Power on the Go V2.0

I like the most about xDuoo is that they are not copying anyone, just look at all their portfolio. They are still releasing plenty of tube-based amplifiers, hybrids for the most part so that harder to drive headphones would perform well. They are very much into transistor-based Class-A power too, check their newest XA-10 with 8 output transistors under its hood working always in Class-A. Still, some of the most popular devices are their portable units. With them, xDuoo stood out from the crowd with obscure numbers like 1 Watt of power on the XD-05 Plus that we reviewed last year and with other interesting things, like op-amp rolling. xDuoo is recommending trying different op-amps for different flavors, they suggested several ones like Burson V5i, TI’s OPA627 and LME49720, NJR’s Muses02 and AD8620 for their XD-05 Basic and Plus models. While the Plus will keep up with more expensive units like iFi Micro iDSD, it was never outperforming it, calling for a higher tiered device to be made from the house of xDuoo. If there is demand, there will always be supply. They went back to their drawing board and came up with a flagship unit that was called XD-05 BAL, having an ace under its sleeve and that is a 4.4mm balanced output. Its beautiful story doesn’t end here, as xDuoo included some of the best components, they added even more inputs and outputs, while retaining the same size. With the introduction of their latest and greatest, xDuoo trifecta is finally complete covering have-not and have-all pockets: XD05 Basis goes for $155, XD05 Plus for $289 and the XD05 BAL for $429. The fully balanced unit is quite expensive for what it is, but how does it perform at its asking price? Let’s check that out together.

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xDuoo XD05 BAL Review – Deskop Power on the Go V2.0 (

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