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Think out the box

No longer follow the pace of the trend, bring out your own characteristics, create your own trend, and start by customizing your own unique headphones.

ice age

Just looking at it, you can feel the cold feeling. Every ice-like particle, every inadvertent detail, is like a work of art in nature, instantly transporting us to the Ice Age. Every pattern depicted is like the topography of a glacier. Every time see it, feel like in a vast glacier. 

proof of love

She is an irreplaceable part of my life, just like this pair of headphones can’t be without any one, it must be a pair just like me and her. The headphone cable is like YueLao’s red line, connect us closely together from the vast crowd.


Less is more

Sea beach

The beach always gives us the feeling of relaxation, and we also have a lot of good fantasies about beach life. This is also our yearning for life in this fast-paced living environment in the city. It’s like listening to music, just wanting to give yourself a short, slow-paced time and space.

the mystery of life

Life still has many unsolved mysteries waiting for us to explore. It is like a vast universe that surprises us all the time. Our consciousness appears very small and powerless in the face of these forces. Despite this, we are still advancing and exploring, hoping that one day humans can also master these powers.

Heavy Metal

The blood on the surface shows wildness and blood, as if in the Mafia era, wearing a black leather jacket fighting with knives and guns in his hands. The gold logo and name are like symbols of power and status.

snake skin

This lifelike snake skin and scales give people the illusion that a real snake is right in front of them. The golden line is like a noble snake species, and the combination of red and black elevates the nobility to another level.

me and you

There are only two people in my inner world, one is you and the other is me.


A combination of simple shades and irregular lines of reference flowers.

What can customize


1. You can custom word, hand-painted design, connector type, structure and more.

2. Normally actual product may take 14 – 60 days to arrive, depending on your design and the number of orders at the time.

3. Support all Kinera and QoA products. (except Kinera Sif, Seed, Tyr)

4. Add-on fees may apply for specialty material, custom artwork and certain options. Please PM us for consultation. (Total price = product price + add-on fees)

5. If need custom earmold needs to provide us with your earmold or earmold 3d digital file either from a qualified audiologist.

6. Not allow cancel or refund after starting to process your order.



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